Let's Talk About "Multilayered Sustainability"

June 26, 2019

Let's Talk About

It’s no secret that our focus at Forever Revolutionary is on multilayered sustainability. So, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about it. 

So, what exactly is “Sustainability”?

The definition of “Sustainable” according to Merriam Webster is;

  1. capable of being sustained;
  2. of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged;
  3. of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods.

The definition of Ability;

  1. the quality or state of being able,
  2. competence in doing something
  3. natural aptitude or acquired proficiency

So, the meaning of sustainability IS the actual breakdown of the word: the ability to maintain, reserve and not burnout our resources.  

The definition of “resource” is;

  1. a source of supply or support,
  2. a natural source of wealth or revenue,
  3. a natural feature or phenomenon that enhances the quality of human life
  4. computable wealth
  5. a source of information or expertise

The term “sustainability” is synonymous with the environment.  Yes, we believe it is critical to focus on sustainability of the environment, but we believe it’s just as important to focus on sustaining our other resources.  The environment isn’t the only resource that is in danger of over consumption and depletion. 

In fact, we believe that other resources need to be sustained in order to successfully achieve sustainability of the environment and ultimately humanity as a whole. 

When you step back and look at our ecosystem, all things are related to, and dependent upon one another.  Nothing stands alone in and of itself.  This is also true of our resources.  They build off of, and are interdependent, upon each other.

Let's take a look at the first two layers, or resources, of "Multilayered Sustainability".

One of the most important, and often overlooked resources to our survival is “US”.   The very first layer of sustainability we all should start focusing on is the sustaining of ourselves.  People are the driving force to ideas and action.  We need us.  People are the common denominator when it comes to solutions and implementing change.  If WE as individuals are burning out and not taking care of ourselves, then that directly impacts our ability to solve problems, to be innovative and to be productive members of society. 

It's critical that people are able to have their basic needs met and to be able to provide for their families. For individuals to achieve sustainability, it's essential that their homes must also be sustained.  We can not effectively care for ourselves, let alone others, if our homes are not cared for.  That's why Forever Revolutionary believes the second layer to multilayered sustainability is to work on sustaining one's own country.  Because we are an American business, our focus is on the USA. 

In order for us as individuals, (and Americans as a whole), in order for us to be effective we must have a healthy country.  Not only environmentally healthy but also economically healthy.  When we don't have a healthy economic system, our people suffer.  That's why we believe it is critical to stimulate our economy by buying local and supporting American businesses.  American businesses, means American jobs.  American jobs means American security.  

In order for us to effectively focus on our environment and humanity as a whole, it is crucial that we first start with ourselves and where we live. As we are able to sustain our basic needs and obtain a sense of security within our own communities, we are then able to shift our attention and focus on contributing and becoming a part of the solution in regards to the bigger picture with sustaining the environment.

As the saying goes, you can't pour from an empty cup.

That's why we are committed to raising awareness about the importance of self care.  We are committed to putting an end to the mental health stigma. 

We want to help improve the lives of everyday Americans by contributing to our economy by buying and selling Made in America products.  We see an upward trend for the Made in America movement.  In fact, you can check out the Made in America Movement website and find a list of companies that sell American made products here: https://www.themadeinamericamovement.com/

Many of our products are made in the USA.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated. We hope that more USA businesses will join the Made in America movement.


Be & Stay Well,


Owner & Founder


* Stay tuned for our next post about Fair Trade and how supporting Fair Trade helps our environment and our country! 




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