Trending ... Togetherness, through Social Distancing

March 31, 2020

Trending ... Togetherness, through Social Distancing

WoW .... what is going on out there?!

A lot, a lot is going on out there ... no doubt about it. 

Pandemics, countries shutting down ... social distancing, self quarantining, don't touch your face .... make shift hospitals, fear of going shopping or out ... chaos! 

So the way I'm looking at it, and how we're looking at it at Forever Revolutionary is .... we can't control this pandemic, we can't control other people, or countries, or viruses, but, we can control ourselves and our perspective

So I'm going to focus on .... wait for it .... I'm going to focus on the positive.

And I'm not talking about positives as in the death toll percentages in comparison to recovery rates, populations, or the flu. 

I'm going to focus on the shift in perspective and I'm choosing to see the togetherness through the social distancing.  I'm going to focus on what Mr. Roger's mother told him to focus on  ... The Helpers.  I'm looking at the small businesses that are stepping up to help, and the farmers, the essential personnel such as, medical personnel and first responders, trades professionals and truck drivers.  I'm looking at all of the Americans Right Here that are keeping our country, and our communities supported and alive.

I'm going to focus on the fog lifting and the dust settling in the distance.  It's through the trials and tribulations that we face, the resistance and opposition of turbulent times, that brings about global change. 

We are presented with a unique opportunity to shift the direction of our country and of the world.  Just look around you and see the need to embrace and support the very resources that are needed for us as individuals, as a society, and as a world, ... the resources that are needed to persevere, press forward and to sustain us while facing adverse times.  

We're better together.  Let's support each other, let's be our brothers keeper.

Let US focus on Multi-Layered Sustainability ... #multilayeredsustainability

Support small businesses, shop local.

Support your country, support your people .... buy American Made. 

Support ethical consumerism by knowing where your products are coming from, if it's not American made, then make sure it's from a country with fair labor practices or it's sourced through Fair Trade. 

It's time for us to embrace our innate humanity. 

We are .....  a Revolutionary people.   We are Forever Revolutionary.

Be well, Be safe and  Be Revolutionary,

~ Veronica


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