What Do You Fill Your Cracks With?

August 06, 2019

What Do You Fill Your Cracks With?

I went for a walk through my neighborhood this morning.

I live in New England, one of the oldest areas in the USA. The town that I live in is fairly old.  We have narrow back roads with no sidewalks. 

As I walked through my neighborhood I noticed the roads.  Many of the roads had cracked pavement of which isn't unusual for this part of the country.  Crappy roads is a New England staple!

Something about these cracks stood out to me.  The cracks had grass growing in them.

I know on the surface this doesn't appear to be a monumental discovery. 

It's what it symbolizes that really resonated with me.  All I could think about was people.  Broken people that are suffering.  They also have cracks.  That's why self care is so important.  If we don't take care of ourselves and repair our cracks, then something else will grow in them. 

Something dark will grow.  Something that is unkind to us and to those that surround us .

We have a mental health crisis in our country. There are so many broken people, riddled with cracks.  People are broken for so many reasons, failed relationships, broken hearts, loss of a loved one, abusive relationships, abusive upbringings, extreme poverty, sexual assault, drugs, lack of friendship, isolation, being bullied, traumatic events, homelessness, and the list goes on and on.

People fill their brokenness in so many unproductive ways.  Some binge eat, sleep too much, over medicate, turn to alcohol and drugs, isolate, pornography usage, multiple sexual partners, over exercising, and even criminal behavior.  They close themselves off, read fantasy novels, turn to chat rooms, gaming, self harm, and just as the list of "causes" seems endless, so is the list of coping.  

For me personally, all of my crack fillers failed me.  Boyfriends, drinking, socializing, negative self talk and overspending none of those things helped me. The only thing that helped bring me out of the dark and back into the light was turning to God and connecting with my faith, exercise and counseling.

I'm not telling you to fill your cracks the same way I did.  I'm just telling you what helped and continues to help me. 

While there are times that the band aide of prescription medication is needed, it certainly isn't the long term solution and it shouldn't be the only solution.

We need to stand up to bullies, teach our kids that bullying is not okay.  We need to extend our hands to those who need help.  Check in on people that seem isolated and be kind to those we don't know, and to those we don't agree with. 

These are just some of the small ways we as individuals can make a difference.

In the wake of the continued mass shootings, the veteran suicide rate and the opioid epidemic, we decided that as a company, we needed to do more. 

That's why Forever Revolutionary has decided to donate 3% of all profits to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI).  They are the largest USA, grassroots mental health organization. They are dedicated to helping the millions of Americans that suffer from mental illness.

No one has all of the answers but NAMI is a great place to start. 

Please share this post so that more people can be aware of our mission and learn that they're purchase will help support others who are in need. 

So many people need help.  Our support and contributions are appreciated by more than we can even begin to imagine.

Here's a link to our Home Page if you want to shop now and support this great cause! Or you can just scroll to the bottom and check out the donation amount to NAMI to date. 

Please sign up for our email list and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to stay up to date on posts, products and events. 

Be & Stay Well,



Owner & Founder


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