How Fair Trade Helps America & Why You Should Care

October 01, 2019

How Fair Trade Helps America & Why You Should Care

We are passionate about the Fair Trade movement.  We are passionate about it because it's more than just a win win exchange, it's more than just ... "Fair Trade". 


So what exactly is “Fair Trade”? 


In a nutshell, Fair Trade is a global movement, that focuses on sustainability and the ethical production of products.  In order for a product to be labeled as "Fair Trade" there are guidelines that must be followed and the production of that product must meet very specific criteria.   


The criteria standards are based upon three categories; social, environmental and economic. 


The production of the product must be produced according to ethical labor practices, meaning no child labor and no forced labor (slave labor).  Producers and farmers must be paid a fair price according to the products specific industry.  The employees must have safe working conditions and employees must be paid a fair wage.


In addition to the fair prices and fair wages, the actual production of the products must be done sustainably.  They must use sustainable practices when farming and when producing fashion, or home goods they must use recycled materials and/or Eco-friendly materials.  

For example, this amazing handbag and men's wallet are made from recycled tires!

So what does Fair Trade mean for us as American's?  Why should we care?


Let's start at the top. 

  1. Peace of mind, knowing that what you purchase wasn't produced by means of sweat labor.   
  2. Fair Trade makes it possible for the American companies to compete in the market place.  It's a fact that a lot of companies purchase products outside of the USA because it's cheaper.  US companies also outsource the making of their products because it is cheaper.  It is cheaper because workers aren't being paid a fair wage, producers aren't being paid a fair price and/or it's being produced by means of sweat labor.  When this happens, the product can be sold to you at a much lower price than the competition.  This makes it virtually impossible for American Made products to compete in the market place. Of which results in factories and farms closing down and companies moving overseas.  For obvious reasons, this directly impacts the American people in a negative way. 
  3. Fair Trade will positively impact the immigration crisis.  Let's face it, people want to move to America for a better life.  Not just for opportunity, but because they live in horrible conditions.  They live in poverty and they don't make enough money to support their families.  They lack clean water,and/or schools and they don't have access to life saving medicine.  When Fair Trade is implemented within these communities,the lives of the people living in those communities improves.  They now make a fair wage that they can support their families on.  Schools are being built, clean water is being brought in, and they have more access to health care and life saving medicine.  When life improves where they are, the immigration crisis within the USA will also improve.


When purchasing products that aren't made in the USA it is important to know where these products are being produced.  In fact, it's a great rule of thumb to shop LOFT-Y.  This is actually a Fair Trade America acronym meaning:  Shop in this order ... L-ocal, O-rganic and F-air T-rade. 


When you purchase Fair Trade your purchasing a great product, while simultaneously investing into a humanitarian and environmental movement.  You're helping to put an end to sweat shops.  Your helping a impoverished community to grow and thrive of which will improve the immigration crisis.  You're helping US businesses by keeping the market fair so US businesses can compete, of which means jobs for the American people.  You're helping the environment by supporting the ethical and sustainable production of products. 


This is why Fair Trade is more than Fair Trade.  We encourage you to learn more about Fair Trade (aka Fairtrade), by visiting the following websites; Fairtrade America and the Fair Trade Federation


In recognition of Fair Trade month all purchases can receive a 15% discount by using the code, FAIRTRADE.  


Click HERE to shop now.


Be Well & Stay Well,





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